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Does your real estate license expire SOON? You can finish our ONLINE course in just TWO days with NO tests - you can even work on our courses from the convenience of your cell phone or mobile device - call or text us for information TODAY! ...Home inspectors earn over $60 per hour - earn your certification with us in about 2 months by attending just two nights per week.... Become a HOME STAGING PROFESSIONAL with our quick ONLINE or IN-CLASS program - the in-class program grants 10 hours of NYS approved credit. You may join our 75 Hour Real Estate Licensing Program ANY Tuesday or Wednesday evening (it is modular) and finish up in just over a month. Our online 75 hr program is very popular as well and online students are welcome to audit any evening class at NO extra charge. >>>>>>> If you want to become a Licensed Home Inspector be sure to call as we continue adding classes to our schedule. Mortgage originators need to be licensed - call us for the program and start this week ! We provide the program to become certified to perform RADON & MOLD testing - call for details. >>>>> Home staging is a growing sector of the real estate industry - become certified ONLINE in less than a week ! Need your real estate continuing education QUICK?... We can show you how easy an online course is to do and you can even try it before you buy it! We match any NYS approved provider - ask for details ! Save up to 10% on your car insurance - don't waste a day or more in a classroom - do it from the comfort of your home and we promise you'll love it !

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NY's FIRST approved home inspection school! 11/16/05
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Welcome to our website and we invite you to explore the numerous career options available to you within the dynamic real estate industry. The Western NY School of Real Estate has trained thousands of students to become Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Home Inspectors, Wood/Pest Technicians, Home Stagers & ReDesigners, Appraisers, Referral Agents, Real Estate Assistants, Mortgage Processors & Underwriters, Property Managers and Real Estate Consultants & Florida Agents/Brokers.

Our NYS-Certified faculty members train at locations throughout the State of New York. Thousands of students take classes from all areas of the state which are offered over the Internet and save hundreds of hours in travel time, money for babysitters and time lost attending classes in the "traditional" classroom setting. We continue to offer dozens of in-class courses & video lectures at our New York State approved locations and Internet-assisted courses at real estate boards throughout the State.


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