These instructions apply regardless of which course you are working on.


1. To log into the course, you must first get a password assigned to you by the School. This will be done after you have called, provided your registration information (name, home mailing address and contact phone numbers) and of course, payment. We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover. Credit cards cannot be entered into our web-site to pay - you can only register personally with one of our representatives to ensure your credit card's security. We ask that you send us an email with your basic contact information and the name of the course you registered for so we can THEN forward you the log-in instructions. This will help us to confirm your registration information originally obtained and minimize errors we might make when emailing you the sign-in information so you can begin.

2. You should receive your password within 4 hours of signing in (usually it's within the hour, however).

3. You must then enter in our email address (which is):

4. Click onto the button that says "SIGN IN" on the left side of the web site.

5. Click onto the LEFT link that says "NEW TESTING" then ENTER YOUR LOGIN NAME & PASSWORD (the ones WE emailed you).

6. Click onto the link that says TESTS

7. Then highlight the NAME OF THE COURSE you selected AND BEFORE you click
                                            the log in button - enter the 6 DIGIT PASSWORD we ALSO emailed you

8. We recommend that you start at the top of the page with the first section and work your way down

9. Be sure when you start the first section of the course, you click onto the link AT THE TOP OF THAT FIRST PAGE that is identified as

Internet Course Application/Agreement - print it and MAIL it (faxes are not allowed by the State) to:

WNY School of RE
2304 Wehrle Dr Williamsville NY 14221 OR you can scan it and email to:


1. Our courses were designed to be as easy to do as technologically possible. However, it is important that you remember a few things as you proceed through the course so you don't have a problem with how the timing mechanism works.

2. While you're reading through the material and working on the various pages of the course, you will notice that a timer is at the top of the page. Every time you make click your FAVORITE ALPHA key so that your idle-time will revert back to ZERO. New York State requires that if you leave the course for more than TEN minutes - your course will shut you out. Unfortunately, people have abused the system in the past and would sign in - then go and wash the dishes, do a couple of loads of laundry and while still logged in get credit towards their 22.5 hours. The timing mechanism will prevent you from doing this.

3. Suppose you have an extra half-hour and decide you want to work on your course and then go grocery shopping. EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST reading and don't answer ONE question in the section you're in - you still must click "CHECK ANSWERS" at the BOTTOM of your page.

4. Even though we continually remind you that you are not required to take a test (or pass a test), you must still show some active participation in the course by responding to multiple choice, true & false and supplemental questions. When you click "CHECK ANSWERS" it notifies OUR system that you are done for the time being.

The answers to the section of the course you were working on will ALSO appear when you do this - so DON'T look if you really want to test what you're learning!

5. You can always see what your timing has been recorded as by clicking onto the link identified as "test standings" (which appears right after you first sign in - after the "new testing" link).

6. New York State requires that you spend at least 83.3% of the hours offered to get full credit for the program. Therefore for a 22.5 hour course you must spend at least 18.75 hours.


1. By law, you should not go to eaccessNY (to renew your license) until you have COMPLETED your course (that is the 83.3% rule noted above).
2. The date on your certificate will be the date YOU finished the course - not the date we process it.
3. You should NEVER send your certificate to the State (like with your renewal paperwork) because NY does not keep track of individual licensees renewal information. NYS approved Schools like ourselves have a process of forwarding lists throughout the year which the State keeps should a school ever go out of business, etc.
4. You will get your certificate from us within 5 days (don't forget to contact us so we can check your time) - then we can email your certificate to you. You can text us at our 914 text only number as well.
5. For most agents & brokers, you will renew on eaccessNY (just google it). They accept Mastercard & Visa. Make sure you have your sponsoring brokers license/registration numbers as well.
6. Once you get your certificate from us, be sure that you keep it for at least 3-4 years, as the State could still land up randomly auditing your education record and it is the only proof that you did your course - and did it on time! Replacement certificates are $10 each if you need one from the school.
7. Current NYS law allows you to repeat a course as long as it was for a different license period and still get credit for it.